Charity Event

We will be donating all proceeds to the following charities:

eviDent Foundation

eviDent dental practice based research network is an exciting initiative of the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch Inc and the Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre. eviDent aims to encourage relationships between practitioners and academic researchers. By building research capacity to produce and use evidence, eviDent facilitates and supports dental practices to produce and disseminate evidence which can translate into practice and inform policy. eviDent is committed to addressing issues of importance and relevance to ADAVB members, industry and research institutions.


The National Dental Foundation is a charitable organisation that facilitates the provision of pro bono dental treatment to those in our society who cannot access timely dental care by working closely with many Australian charities to identify those in our communities who will benefit from a positive dental intervention. The NDF harnesses the support of the wider dental industry to enable dental teams across Australia to be able help those in need. The National Dental Foundation has received ATO Endorsement as a Public Benevolent Institution and is a Registered Charity in all States.