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Terry Wong

30 years of dentistry in 30 minutes: The good, the bad and the damn ugly.

Terry is well known for his work in the dental world, but in this session you will see a different side of him. Talking about his experience as a practice owner for the last 30 years, you will learn what it’s like to own a dental practice over many different types of scenarios, and how it differs today compared to three decades ago.


Stephen McClatchie

How to avoid the 5 fatal mistakes dentists make in financing their business growth.

Most dentists work directly with banks, which can lead to vital mistakes being made as the banks have different objectives than dentists (one wants to minimise risk and maximise their profits whilst the other wants the best deal possible and to grow their net wealth as fast as possible). Stephen will reveal the 5 fatal mistakes dentists make with their financing which hold them back from achieving their desired outcomes.


Jennie Morrison

Effective financial structures for dental practices.

The session will provide attendees with a basic understanding of commonly used financial structures for dentists. Addressing issues of tax effectiveness / structuring along with asset protection. Additionally, the session will also examine several cases where inappropriate structures were used and the consequences that resulted.


Mina Andrawis

Purchasing a dental practice from start to finish.

This presentation will provide an overview of the legal process of purchasing a dental practice.  It will provide you with tips and what legal issues to look out for. It will also explore what are the most legal and tax efficient structures to purchase the practice in, issues that arise with contracts and contractual negotiations, transferring and employing staff, and how to build goodwill.




Ari Labunda

The steps of construction: getting your unique practice up and running.

This session will cover topics including: architects, builders, designers, construction, contracts, complying with building surveyors and local councils, DDA regulations, etc. Learn what questions to ask and what to look out for.


Costa Pinchuk

Cloud software vs traditional model: security and efficiency.

The Cloud model is a different approach to managing your practice. This model offers a range of important services that can significantly facilitate your data management – a range of services that would be either very costly or technically impossible under a different model. The services that are aimed at ensuring that your data is secure, properly kept, safely backed-up and is utilised to the maximum for the benefit of your practice.


Wally Chiang

How to build your online reputation within the AHPRA guidelines.

Managing your online reputation is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your new practice. Statistics shows that 88% of consumers (your potential patients) will judge you based on the online reviews you and your practice have from complete strangers. Learn how to manage your online reputation effectively and legally before, during and after you open your own dental practice, all within the AHPRA guidelines.


Berris Saultry

How to reduce your operating costs and improve profitability.

Gone is the golden era of dentistry where the revenue generated by a dental practice covers the expenses by many folds. In today’s competitive dentistry industry it’s important to keep a close eye on your operational expenses to improve your overall profitability. Learn tips and advice on how to leverage the economy of scale of a larger buying power group.


Panel: Alice Yang, Shehan Warusevitane & Terry Wong

  • Opening a dental practice from scratch
  • Buying into an existing practice
  • Bought into a practice, sold it, and back to employee
  • Serial dental practice owner


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